Which fisheries are responsible?

Mini trawlers in the port of Dobo, Aru Islands Indonesia. Photo by Riki Gunn.

Which fisheries are Responsible?

From our data (2012 Summary Report) we know that the most frequent type of net is from trawl fisheries (62.2%), followed by gill nets (14.4%) and the rest mostly undetermined.

We also now know that most of the nets originate from the Arafura Sea and that the Arafura Fishery is a very important fishery for Indonesia as it is the only part of Indonesian waters where trawling is not banned. The Arafura Sea is rich in nutrients, making it a prime fishing ground that attracts fishermen of all scales of fishing activity, from the subsistence fisher to extremely large 'factory' vessels. Many of these fisheries are unregulated making it difficult to understand exactly who is fishing in the region.

But who actually uses these nets? where do the fishermen come from? How can we help stop ghost nets occurring?

To answer some of these questions we recently (2012-1013) were able to workshop with some of the fishers that legally operate in the Arafura Sea. To learn more see Indonesian Workshops.