Biodiversity Impacts

Yirralka laynhapuy rangers, Nyinga Nyinga (Kevin) Yunupingu, with Baru (crocodile) in ghost net. Photo by Livie Powell.

Estimating the Biodiversity Impacts of Ghost Nets

We engaged in three research projects in partnership with CSIRO and UQ.

The first research developed an integrated analysis to make quantitative predictions of previously unknown high-risk areas for turtle entanglement in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

The second research project was via collaboration between the University of Queensland, Mapoon rangers and CSIRO. The project aimed to determine decay rate (half-life) of by-catch, particularly turtles and sharks in a ghost net suspended in the ocean.

The third research project evaluated which net was the 'deadliest'.

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What is the Deadliest Net?

Which net is the deadliest?

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Decay Rates

What is the true number of turtles killed by ghost nets?

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Where are Turtles Most at Risk?

Where are turtles most at risk in the Gulf of Carpentaria?

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