Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

This set of four handout sheets provides four lessons to introduce and discuss the problems of marine debris and ghost nets in particular in the classroom or by yourself.

They are aimed at upper primary level. Each one has a narrative, supporting activities and suggested topics for discussion. The fifth fact sheet lists websites for further learning.

Fact Sheet 1: A Deadly Journey by Shannon Tyrer gives an overview of the issue by describing the journey of a net from Indonesia to Australia, who id involved and what happens.

Fact Sheet 2: The Net That Returned by Jane Dermer is about a particulaly large net that was found off the north east coast of Arnhem Land, NT and the incredible difficulties that rangers and their partners experienced while trying to remove it.

Fact Sheet 3: Jewel and Princess adapted from two stories by Jennie Gilbert is an inspiring account of the horrific injuries that two turtles endured and their miraculous recovery at the hands of the Cairns Rehabilitation Centre.

Fact Sheet 4: The Net Detective by Riki Gunn documents the steps taken by Ghostnets Australia to find out where the nets come from, who is responsible and why it is happening.

Finally, but not the least, the Handout Sheet provides some suggestions for teachers on how to use the fact sheets and some extra activites. There are also some extra websites on related topics as well as some general information about GhostNets Australia.