Influencing Change

Yirralka Laynhapuy rangers extracting nets from the mangroves. Photo by Jane Dermer.

Influencing a Sea Change

Influencing change in government and industry policy is just as important as cleaning up the rubbish.

GhostNets Australia has been involved in many workshops, conferences and meetings to help provide good information that informs good decision making. The first of these was in 2004 when the newly formed alliance held a pivotal role in shaping the "Threat Abatement Plan for Injury and Fatality to Veterbrate Marine Life caused by Ingestion of, or Entaglement in, Harmful Marine Debris" under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. This important document was finally endorsed by the Australian Minister for Environment, Hon Peter Garrett in 2009.

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Towards Global Solutions

Global Solutions needs a variety of global partners

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Finding Solutions

Finding Solutions requires understanding the people, the causes, and the drivers involved.

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Floating Net Response Plan

Extremely large floating nets need a nationally coordinated response to remove them.

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