Mapoon Land and Sea Rangers, Jocelyn De Jersey and Maggie Peter, recording data about a large net. Photo by Jen Goldberg.


The GhostNet Database has been created to enable rangers, volunteers and organisations, who are removing nets, to also collect data on what they are finding using a consistent methodology that supports comparison.

Since 2004 more than 13,000 pieces of net have been measured and recorded, creating a comprehensive overview of what amounts and types of ghost nets are impacting north Australia.

The database has an open access policy enabling rangers, scientists, government agencies, communities and organisations to request data on ghost nets in Australia for educational and research purposes. The data submitted is always owned by the contributor; however the GhostNets Database provides one place for all data to be housed, providing everyone involved in the ghost net, and broader marine debris issue, one place to both access and submit data on ghost nets.

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