Who We Are

Wik and Kugu Rangers, Aurukun, removing net from shores of western Cape York. Photo by Leigh Harris

Who We Are

"We are Saltwater People, and GhostNets Australia allows our communities to work together to get rid of marine debris in our sea country." Djawa Yunupingu, Dhimurru."

GhostNets Australia operates under a simple philosophy: “saltwater people working together”. Everyone, from ranger to researcher, who cares for the marine environment is a saltwater person and only by working together can we achieve change.

Since 2004 we have:

  • prevented over 14,000 abandoned, discarded or lost fishing nets from continuing their deadly journey around the ocean, where they trap and further threaten our endangered marine life by removing them from this system.
  • rescued more than 400 marine turtles from a slow and painful death.
  • discovered where the nets are coming from and the reasons why this sudden increase is occurring in our region.
  • supported Indigenous rangers from 40 different clan groups to continue their stewardship of their customary lands and adjacent marine environments by providing local indigneous rangers with the much needed resources, training in data collection and building their skills in effective decision-making and communication.
  • found a creative re-use for the piles of rubbish that has genereated into a new genre of art that has resulted in purchases by prestigious art collectors, museums and galleries around the world, and
  • begun to work on effective solutions to this complex issue

GhostNets Australia is powered by communities, and like these communities we are continuously evolving.

With thousands of kilometres of ghost nets still wreaking havoc across the ocean we don’t have a second to lose in freeing our oceans from ghost nets.

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