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Just in time! This beautiful turtle was found barely alive during patrol by Dhimurru Rangers. Photo by Jane Dermer.

Tell Me a Story

Follow the deadly journey of a ghost net from Indonesia to the coast of Australia, where it is finally transformed by an Indigenous weaver…

An Indonesian trawl fishing boat is a fleck on the horizon in the Arafura Sea. Wayan looks out from the wheelhouse toward home. It has been months since he’s seen the shy smile of his new wife. Unfortunately with the increasing number of poaching vessels, Wayan isn’t surprised that the fish have been scarce and he fears he’ll have to return all but empty handed.

He decides to take one last risk and navigates skilfully through the choppy water. This area is well known for the plentiful shrimp, but is also notorious for sharp coral. Even on the stillest of days precious fishing nets can get ensnared and lost to the sea…

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Tell me a Story

Follow the perilous journey of a ghost net from Indonesia to the coast of Australia.

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Who We Are

GhostNets Australia works to reduce derelict fishing nets in north Australian waters.

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